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Protecting children by training and empowering caregivers as well as children.


Framework for Technology Education, Technology Mentoring and Guidance System for underprivileged students.


Free / Affordable education for economically weak.

Train the Trainers

Partnering with firms to train the trainers and collaborate with authorities to engage more firms in talent management, and career advancement.


Empowering women from rural Indian villages. Supporting gender equality and encouraging all to share the responsibilities together and equally.


Our Missions is to create the impact with the right Partnership

  • To enable society for safeguarding children by empowering individuals, families, communities especially caregivers with prevention and intervention skills to reduce the occurrence of abuse against children and heal its psychological, social, sexual and physical consequences.

  • AIM Foundation also strives to create a sustainable ecosystem of quality education for underprivileged, gender equality, and decent work opportunities for under-represented, using innovative techniques and technology.

“We would ask you to question who’s at the table and who’s not at the table and to think about those voices that aren’t represented when you’re making decisions.”